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Some points describing how you should store your documents in document storage uk


How to store your own documents


If you are storing your own documents, here are a few tips about how to catalogue your document storage uk, and things to think about before you start loading boxes:


  1. Should you reference your documents at file or box level? If the files are large or the box contains all the same information, then a box level reference and description is normally sufficient.
  2. What type of reference is required? A code comprising of three letters and a field number are normally effective ie: INV0052 could be the 52nd box of invoices.  This type of coding is very flexible.
  3. Should descriptions be used for the box or file? Continuing with our box INV0052, you may wish to add a description (invoices from 2002 A-E).  If you are keeping inventories of all boxes stored off-site at your office, it may not be necessary to write a description.
  4. Should you use multiple fields to sort records to easily locate the required document? If you have large volumes of filing, you may wish to break boxes down into departments to make searching easier.  At PDM, we use 4 searchable fields to help managing your files or boxes. These are:

    a. Code
    b. Department
    c. Job number
    d. Description

It is very important to put together a good system before you start loading boxes. PDM can offer advice on this subject if required as each company or organisation usually have very different requirements.