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The Easiest Way To Slash 60% Off Your Invoice Management Costs

Picture this. Your company just finished a project for a client or outside contractor, and you have the invoice in front of you. Let's assume you want to get that information into your systems for future reference and data modeling.

You could ask a member of your team to manually enter that information. But not only does that cost your team valuable time (and money), it's inefficient and prone to errors.

This is where Pinnacle Invoice Processing comes in. Simply tell your suppliers to send your invoices to our dedicated PO box, and we'll take care of the rest. We'll open the mail, scan the invoices, extract the data, and have each invoice manually checked for errors.

You can then get the data straight from Pinnacle's online database or sent physically to your location of choice.

No More Costly Manual Data Entry

Consider how many hours of labor you pay for to get your invoices archived. Research suggests that processing a single invoice costs a company anywhere from £2 to £20. On average, companies that outsource their invoice scanning to Pinnacle can save up to 60% on their invoice processing - which is huge when you consider just how many invoices the average company goes through. And it's entirely hands-off.

Double Checked Numbers Means Fewer Mistakes

Pinnacle's state-of-the-art Optical Character Recognition (OCR) system grabs the data straight off the invoice copy, without chancing human error. All your invoices are double-checked by a specialist before they're delivered to you, for those incredibly rare instances the machine makes a mistake. And of course, your information is guaranteed to be kept confidential at all times.

Using A Content Management System? Not A Problem.

No matter what kind of CMS system you're using for your accounting, we'll shoot you the electronic version of your invoice exact to your specifications. That means the file format you want, with all the data in the right places to assure a fast upload to your systems.

And It's Even Quicker With A Smartphone.

Download our official Pinnacle Data Management application on your phone to gain access to a convenient and effortless method of uploading your invoices. Simply take a picture of your invoice, and our app will automatically filter out poor images, as well as give you a list of options to customize your upload. Once the upload is complete, the data will be processed and imported straight into your account.

Why risk losing valuable financial data or bother with the hassle of manual data entry? Simplify the process and let us handle the tedium.

Get Your Free Document Scanning Quote Now. No Obligation. Completely Free.