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Surveys, Forms and Questionnaires Scanning

Tired Of Manually Entering Page After Page Of Surveys And Forms?

Paper forms and questionnaires are one of the best ways to gather information about your customers and find out what they really want.

Yet the most frustrating part of the process isn't the actual gathering of that data, but rather being stuck with reams of paper surveys at the end of the day, and no easy way to get them into your systems where they can be properly analyzed.

When you let Pinnacle process your forms, you can jump right to the end results.

Automatic Survey Processing Lets You Skip The Tedium

Instead of having your team manually flipping through surveys and jotting down hundreds or thousands of responses, outsource your survey processing to Pinnacle. The process is simple - just send us your surveys, and we'll put them through our sophisticated Optical Character Recognition (OCR) system. This lets us get you the results you require at a speed (and cost) far quicker and cheaper than any human labor.

Less Human Error - More Accurate Results

Imagine a person flipping through thousands of surveys, manually typing in the information contained in each page into a computer. Consider how frustrated and tired a person would be after doing this for several hours! Most human labor is just not ideal for a repetitive task like data entry, and mistakes are unavoidable in these scenarios. Pinnacle's OCR system doesn't get tired or make mistakes - it gives you a consistent accuracy from the first sheet all the way to the very last.

Get Your Files In Whatever Format You'd Prefer - Perfect For Data Analysis

Pinnacle can provide you the results you want in almost any format you require. Skip the most frustrating part of the surveying process, while getting what you really want: the raw data.

In the event you need any special considerations, you can simply ask your assigned support specialist, who will get to know you and your business on a first-name basis.

Just think of all the frustration, energy, and money you'd save by outsourcing your form processing to Pinnacle.

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