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Benefits of Bulk Scanning

The Benefits of using a Bulk Document Scanning Service

It's the era of fast information, and your customers and partners expect immediate responses to their questions or proposals. Research that used to take days now takes minutes. The near instant communication of e-mails have almost entirely replaced snail mail.

Yet filing cabinets and paperwork still clutter the space of the modern office, proving a bottleneck to a quicker, more streamlined work space.
When you choose Pinnacle as your Electronic Data Management service, you eliminate all the problems of searching through paperwork, misfiling, and losing important information to acts of theft or nature.

Cut Clutter And Maximize Efficiency With A Digital Archive

Why take up space with large filing cabinets or deal with reams of paperwork when you can simply outsource your archiving? Just send us your paperwork, and we'll automatically scan and upload it to a central database that you can organize to your liking.

Our cloud-based system provides a structured indexing system that makes it easy to establish a method of organization for your electronic documents. Plus, our Optical Character Recognition (OCR) system ensures that all your uploaded files can be edited in your favorite program.

Easily Find The Exact Files You're Looking For With A Simple Search

Unlike traditional filing, you can run a search on your database to find exactly what you're looking for... in seconds, rather than in hours. Compare that to rampaging through a drawer, trying to flip through dozens of similar-looking documents. And if you can't remember the name of the file? No problem.
You can just type in a sentence or word that's in the document itself, and our system will automatically pull up all the relevant files.

Unite All Electronic And Physical Documentation In A Single Database

E-mails. Invoices. Contracts. Paper Mail.

Get all your paperwork, electronic or otherwise, into a single, easily searchable database. This not only maximizes the efficiency of your team, but it allows you to get a better picture of everything that's going on with your company.

For best results, we recommend that you combine our digital management service with our electronic mailroom and bulk scanning services.

If you're worried about security, you can choose to give different users different levels of access to the system. Complete electronic document destruction is always available.

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