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Archive Boxes

Standard Box 

Recommended for the storage of A4 & A5 wallets and pocket files.

255mm x 370mm x 265mm D/L/W




Lever-Arch Box open


Lever Arch Box

Recommended for the storage of box files and Lever Arch files. They will accept 5 A4 files width ways and 4 foolscap files length ways. Files are stored with the spine of the file facing up so that they do not have to be removed from the box to read their content.

290mm x 390mm x 320mm D/L/W

Open Bankers Box


Bankers Box

Recommended for the storage of A4 or foolscap wallets and pocket files. These boxes will also hold two transfer boxes (not advised for box files or lever arch files, although you can store them flat).

255mm x 390mm x 340mm D/L/W

Deed box open


Deed Box

Recommended for the storage of small files and loose A4 and legal papers. This box has very strong construction. It is delivered in packs of ten pre-stapled with solid brass staples. The cardboard is acid free and it has a full depth lid. This box is recommended for the storage of documents where the integrity of the information is of the highest importance.

185mm x 405mm x 300mm D/L/W

Transfer box open



Transfer Box

Recommended for the storage of small files and loose A4 and legal papers. Two transfer boxes will fit into one lever arch box, or one bankers box. The box is also designed so it can be transported for off site storage and stacked up to five high in transport or two high on shelving.

265mm x 380mm x 137mm D/L/W



Printout Box 

Recommended for the storage A3 paperwork, computer printouts and large unusual shaped files & documents.

255mm x 450mm x 370mm D/L/W




Pinnacle Data Management offer a range of high quality durable archive boxes delivered to you in space saving flat packs. The boxes automatically assemble by pushing the corners. They are double skinned for extra strength, are fitted with deep lids and integral carrying handles.



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