Document and Archive Storage Essex

What does Document Storage Solve

How document storage can help you and your business

Typical problems businesses have which document storage solves


Businesses face the same problems all the time, document storage can solve a lot of them


Whatever business sector you operate in, it’s quite likely that you are faced with one or more of the following situations:


• Despite the increasing use of “paperless systems” in your business, the amount of paper records that need to be stored doesn’t appear to be getting any less.
• The space that you have is getting a bit cramped and if you haven’t already run out of space, you’re possibly going to run out soon.
• It’s expensive space and you could really do with it for some other use.
• It’s not a priority area within the business, so no one really manages it properly and it could do with improving…when we get the time.


These are statements that all businesses make, so don’t worry, you are not alone. Our purpose built, secure facilities are specially racked out to provide a stocking density that is 5 times greater than a typical office self storage arrangement.


Whether you own or lease your premises, your office space costs are expensive. If you want to save money and get rid of the hassle, then we can deliver you efficiencies in your document archiving.