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How much does document storage cost

How Much Does Document Storage Cost?

The cost of your document storage will depend on:

  • The company you choose to store your documents
  • How many boxes of documents you are wanting to store
  • If you are requiring any additional services such as digital scanning (see below) or image manipulation
  • How many times you will need to retrieve documents

How document storage costs are calculated

Document storage companies usually charge by the box, and so the cost will depend on how many boxes of documents you have that require storage. More often than not, a cost is given on a yearly basis and will very depending on the type of document storage box you require. Examples of document storage box types are:

  • Standard Document Storage Box: 255 x 370 x 265mm
  • Bankers Box: 255 x 390 x 340mm
  • Lever Arch Box: 290 x 390 x 320mm
  • Printout Box: 255 x 450 x 370mm

Additional Document Storage Costs

Your document storage company should also provide a document retrieval service, enabling you to request the retrieval of one, some or all of your documents. Document retrieval is usually based on how quickly you require the documents to be retrieved - at Pinnacle Data Management we offer next day, same day and out of hours document retrieval. If you only require one or two files and not an entire box, we can simply retrieve the files you require. At Pinnacle, we also offer a faxing and/or emailing service so you can have them almost instantly in digital format and do not have to wait for the postal delivery.

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Choose PDM for your archive storage

Pinnacle Data Managment provide confidential, secure off-site document storage with boxes, collection, delivery, emergency delivery and instant access. In addition to document storage, Pinnacle Data Management also provide secure destruction services. The Pinnacle Data Mangement document storage facility is designed for the purpose of document storage, so your records are archived and stored in a secure environment, which is more secure than having them stored in a corner of your office or in the basement of your office building. 

Our system of computer coding and security sealing ensures that only you are aware of the content of each archive storage box. Plus, only key Pinnacle Data Management staff know where your archive storage boxes are stored as each box is marked with a unique reference number which correlates to your specific boxes.  As an added safeguard our system of mixed and random archive storage in London ensures that your records are not all kept in the same location within our storage facilities.

About our document storage service

  • We will evaluate your document storage requirements and then advise on the most suitable option
  • We will provide a FREE fully transparent quotation for the recommended service
  • When appointed, a document storage contract will be produced for your approval
  • When the contract is validated we will collect your document storage boxes
  • We will collect the document storage boxes on the pre-appointed date
  • The document storage boxes will then be returned to archive
  • The document storage boxes will be confirmed against the paperwork and stored
  • The data will then be entered onto our document storage management system. The inventory and hard-copies will later be sent to you
  • The document storage invoice is raised monthly for total amount of boxes held at the Pinnacle Data Management Storage Centre

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Example Document Storage Box Costs (cost per year):

  • Standard Document Storage Box - 255/370/265mm - £3.85 
  • Bankers Box - 255/390/340mm - £4.64 
  • Lever Arch Box - 290/390/320mm - £4.97 
  • Printout Box - 255/450/370mm - £5.96

Example File Retrieval Costs:

  • Next Day – Call out £12.00 – Per Item £3.00 – Per File £1.00
  • Same Day – Call out £20.00 – Per Item £3.00 – Per File £1.00
  • Out of hours – Call out £30.00 – Per Item £3.00 – Per File £1.00 

If you only require a file or 2 you do not need to request for the whole box you can simply retrieve the files you are after. Most companies offer a faxing or emailing facility and so you do not have to wait for the postal delivery you can have the item instantly with it being sent electronically.

Example Archive Box Costs:

  • Standard - 255/370/265mm - £2.22
  • Bankers Box - 255/390/340mm - £2.78
  • Lever Arch Box - 290/390/320mm - £3.05
  • Printout Box - 255/450/370mm - £4.05
  • Transfer Box - 265/380/137mm - £1.47
  • Deed Box - 185/405/300mm - £2.67

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Archive Storage v Document Scanning

If you do not require your documents retrieved in high volumes and the files are currently in paper format, we can almost guarantee your document storage costs will be cheaper than it will be to scan the entire archive. Once stored off-site only files which are required can be
scanned and returned. 

For example:

1000 document storage boxes could contain 1,000,000 sheets of paper, which if scanned at 10p per page will cost £100,000 to scan. By comparison, storing these documents off-site could cost about £400.00 per month so it will take 20 years to recover the scanning investment. This example does not include other associated costs such as cost of the money, software licences to manage data, upgrading file formats in the future, hard dive cost, labour or power to run storage servers.

Did you know..?
Government regulations currently require your company to keep records for a minimum of six years. Archive storage of these documents takes up valuable office space. Moving your files into our secure off-site archive storage facility can free up your costly floor space for more profitable uses. Whether you're looking to store one box or many hundreds, PDM can provide all of your archive storage requirements including:

  • Free document storage quotations
  • Long and short term document storage
  • Secure document storage facilities
  • Fully computerised document archive storage systems 
  • Secure destruction services when the documents are no longer needed
  • Delivery/pickup services

What is Archive Document Storage?

Document storage is required when you have historic documents that you need to retain, but do not have the facilities to store them securely. It is likely that the cost your office space is comparatively expensive compared to archive storage, resulting in off-site archive storage being more econimical that keeping the boxes of documents in your office. With Pinnacle Data Management you still have complete access to your archived documents anytime you like, and whether you need an individual sheet of paper retrieved from our archive or one or more boxes, we can help you.

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I have absolutely no interest in accepting your business if you are not 100% happy with our service to you. That is why I would like you to try us out, let us store your documents for you in our secure facilites. If there is anything in the way we do business that does not feel completely comfortable for you within the first eight weeks, simply let me know and we will fully refund your money and return your boxes free of charge.

In fact, we will even pay for your first month storage at one of our competitors! Please note that this guarantee has never been requested by a single person.

Allan Rees, Managing Director, Pinnacle Data Management Ltd