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How do you retrieve files once they are in Archive Storage

How easy is it to retrieve files once they are in Archive Storage?

Once the boxes are correctly coded and all your information has been recorded how easy is it to get them back to the office?

When your archive is stored off site you will receive an inventory, normally in a spreadsheet form. This can then be used to locate the appropriate box or file, (your own records can of course be used).


There are many ways to retrieve your information.


There are a few different ways to retrieve your information, detailed as below:


  • If you have kept the file information on site, locate the box code number or description and send this information by e-mail fax or with online ordering and the box will be delivered next working day guaranteed.  Same day and emergency call outs are also available at increased rates. The file can then be returned to the archive or the box can be left at your office.
  • When there is no file inventory at PDM, single files can be still be retrieved. The box information is sent as above, the file details are also provided. The box is then located in the archive and the file is picked. Once found, the file is allocated a bar code so it can be tracked and then returned to your office. The advantages of retrieving just the file rather than the whole box are that PDM returns files free of charge, when they sent back with another service, and your office is not cluttered with boxes that have been returned.
  • Where high volumes of file retrievals are made it is recommended that a full inventory is created of files within each box. This will show exact status of each file and allow remote searching for files over the internet by yourself. 
  • “Scan on demand” allows the client to search for files on the database and request it to be scanned. The digital images can then be encrypted and e-mailed or uploaded to your server. once scanned,  the image can be down loaded at will. This system allows for the file to be scanned only when required and saves the cost of scanning the entire inventory.
    Files or individual pages can be scanned and faxed.
  • Where hard copies are required over long distances it is possible to use document exchange DX.


The Pinnacle Data Management archive supplies all of these retrieval methods. With internet access to your account, approved users can locate and order retrievals at the touch of a button, with next day delivery to your premises guaranteed.