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In today’s society it has become more and more known to be environmentally friendly and green. With the use of computers and the Internet this has become more and more possible to the state where it is very plausible for a paper free office to operate. Why is it so important to be green? We don’t mean you have to wear green clothes and have a green face, being green means being kind to the environment. The world is having major problems due to the environment and the ozone layer, anything we can do to help our situation is exceptionally important.


One area offices can play a part in is to go paper free. What does paper free mean? It means instead of sending everything through the mail send it via email or instead of printing off massive documents to scan through read it online. It simply means to not use any paper unless highly necessary. Offices always have high office supplies budgets for paper, pens, files etc, all of which can be eliminated or at least dramatically cut down by going paper free.


What Does Going Paper Free Do For A Company?


A paper free company saves huge costs in every area. There are fewer costs on paper, printing, files and filing cabinets. If you have less paper records and files there is less to be stored within your office which costs money because you are paying for office space simply to store paper. One way of cutting this price down is to use a document storage company. No matter how paper free your company is you’ll probably have a few bits and bobs that are in paper form such as signed contracts, these need to be stored somewhere safe but also in a place where they can be easily accessed. Using a document storage company easily takes the job off your hands. They’ll keep your paper documents for you, file them appropriately, and retrieve them for you if you ever need them. Your company can be happy that you are doing all you can being paper free, saving money on the pointless supplies of paper and printers and ink, and save you money on the must have paper documents that the company needs by using a document storage company. Another advantage to using a document storage company to becoming more environmentally friendly is the digital scanning service they offer. They’ll scan all your paper documents and store electronically for you, this is great because a digital copy can never become old and tattered, they are easy to be retrieved as they can be emailed across, and you will have no need to keep the paper documents and even less need to make paper copies in the future. Think about the future of our world and go green wherever you can.