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Ensure Total Peace-Of-Mind When You Scan Your Documents With Pinnacle Data Management

Founded in 1994, Pinnacle uses the very latest hardware and software to provide a fast, efficient document scanning service.

Managing and finding the space for thousands of important documents is a costly distraction to your primary business goal - growing your business.

Besides the tedious task of organizing documents, there are numerous threats to your files. Fire. Theft. And probably most common, simply forgetting where you put something.

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Resolve these matters once and for all by storing your scanning or sotring your documents in an offsite facility with a trusted service provider.

5 Reasons To Choose Pinnacle For Your Bulk Document Scanning

1: Save Time And Money With Offsite Bulk Scanning
Think of all the time you and your staff have spent searching for an important document in your office. Something you know you had, you just didn't remember where. This frustrating activity not only costs time - it costs you money.

Consider how much space you are taking up with filing cabinets and storage rooms. With Pinnacle Document Scanning Service, you'll never have to deal with these issues again.

2: Peace Of Mind - Document Protection From Any Conceivable Threat
Pinnacle facilities are monitored 24/7. All facilities have fire prevention measures in place, as well as protection against flooding. When you store or scan your documents with Pinnacle, you are ensuring complete security for your archive. Everything is completely confidential. All staff have been vetted and CRB Checked.

3: Customisable Solution Lets You Pick As Much Or As Little As You Need
Different companies have different needs. That's why when you use Pinnacle, you can pick and choose which services you're interested in, as well as security levels. This lets you control the cost of the service, as well as letting you get only what you need. Document scanning services include:

  • Bulk document scanning of invoices, forms, surveys, questionnaires with data extraction
  • Electronic mail rooms
  • Indexing of files
  • Supply of data in a searchable encrypted database
  • Secure online access
  • Scanned images can be supplied with data files for importing into your own management system

4: Personal Customer Service Responsive To Your Requests - Always
When you call, you'll get someone you know on the other end of the line. Every client of Pinnacle is assigned an account manager, one can become familiar with your business. Whether you need to deliver more documents, visit the site, or just need to retrieve a single sheet of paper - you'll be in good hands.

5: Stored For Your Convenience
Data can be stored at Pinnacle Data Management, at your premises or in the cloud.

Maybe that's why Pinnacle has never had a client leave us unsatisfied in our entire 20 year history.

Here's How The Process Works:

1) Get A No-Obligation Quote - Based on your specific requirements.

2) Sign Contract - Once all questions are answered to your satisfaction.

3) File Collection - Pinnacle will drive out and collect your files on a pre-appointed date. If you require boxes, they can be provided for you.

4) Scanning - Your files will be scanned using the latest hardware and software, indexed and stored on an encrypted database.

5) Data Access:

  • Encypted in a database and delivered to your premises
  • Delivered with a data file for inclusion in your own management system
  • Database can be securely stored at Pinnacle Data Management with you having secure remote access
  • For very high usage, data can be stored in the cloud which you can access securely
  • Own the document storage database to which we can upload ongoing data and files

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Again, all transactions with us are completely confidential. Pinnacle is also in full compliance with National and International regulations.

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