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Paper Document Storage for Solicitors

12/07/2013 With Legal Aid currently being a hot topic in the UK News, we have been wondering how this will affect Solicitors and how it could result in them having to give up their spacious offices to move to small premises or work from home. Over the years we have provided paper document storage services for the legal profession which has enabled many law firms to free up space in their offices and know that the paper documents essential to their businesses are in secure, fire proof, damp proof, monitored archive storage facilities. They also benefit from being able to retrieve documents, either single pages, files or boxes whenever they want to. At Pinnacle Data Management we hope that we can offer a valuable paper document storage service to make any transitions caused by the current Legal Aid shake-up a little bit easier to cope with. If you are, or if you know a solicitor who would benefit from our services don’t hesitate to contact us for a free, no obligation paper document storage quotation.

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